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LESSON 2 AutoCAD how to create title block and its key

Today I am going to teach all of you a bout title block
How to make a good condition of tital block
here are our old lesson now delete it
Let get start with sth much better
Here is a sample drawing
Today we are working on layout much more than just only model
here is the layout sheet
WOW the color are affect to my eyes now I will teach all of you
how to change the color in the layout.
if you not yet knew ok follow me
hmmmm let change it too
now it better
now let work on layout2
you see that hidden line that is the line of our paper
now we try to set it in A3 size
420×297 or 297×420
just follow what am I doing
OH CONFUSE i ALREADY set it yet now let create one for
the new thing
Because I dont have printer so I chose DWG to PDF
if you have printer you can chose your printer
now we got the A3 size paper
sure it not 420×297 but let see
here is the exact paper size but to set this It doesnt matter
cos sometime I skip this step and just remove everything
but you need to make sure that you are draw in the exact
size of paper that you want
now let make some title block
I offset 10mm for the side paper
this just for example you can set to the way you want now I will
tell you how to display the drawing in layout
Just type MV
Mv is M Space that you can display you drawing and can zoom it
to the scale you want
now we dont know that scale yet
just type
VPSCALE to ask for the scale
FIRST You need to double click to MV
the standard scale should be
from that scale we can add 50+ more
now let make this drawing to 100 scale
1:75 is the best choice
Oh I forgot to told you how to scale it
your number just like this one 1/75xp
we need to put xp behind that scale
after that lock the drawing if you not lock i will test for you
you scale will be break
Ok everyone let end up the lesson here
tomorrow I will show you how to make a great MV
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Lesson 1 AutoCAD how to set block and how to make title block and its key

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Hellow everyone
Today I am going to teach all of you some technic
how to block a good condition obj
You can just block by just type B and Enter but some
block could have some problem if you not yet know some
Here is an obj
now I am going to make a simple block for test
Ok now it was blocked
let test it

I draw a new layer and match it
but it still in red color
now I try to X it

It still can’t be X

Now I tell you some key

This is a simple obj like b4
but make sure that before you block the obj must be
in layer 0 if you want to match it in the next time
after you block

Ok now our obj are all in layer 0
let try to block it
here is a key. we need to tick allow exploding
for allow us to X the block
Now becasue we chose layer 02 which are in green and it just display
now let test it together
you see we can change the color
not like the old one

it that fun?
it may confuse that thing
but please understand that block will just follow for only
the color of the layer not for the color we change
you see I draw a pink line
but our obj just change to green because our layer are green
now let try to explode it
That is the point
Now I hope everyone understand that tip.
Oh one more thing if we want to edit our obj after we block
just double click on that block
Now let change it to layer 0
You see how the difference
Now I hope we all know the key point
OK everyone the let end the lesson in that point
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Technic that you still need to know.

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Mechanic guide how far can a remote controller can detect the signal

The mechanic guide, when you meet this two words. It mean that it is about time to learn a new thing.

Have you ever notice how far can your remote controller give the signal to your Air-Con? Today we are going to show you some more technique or concept mechanic skill guide about that.

The picture below is showing you about some kind of remote controller that being use by most countries.

Remote Control

Remote Control


One simple remote control can give its signal for the maximum length about 8m. Also it can be higher or shorter depend on the model, capacity, and sometime it about the age of the remote. Battery low or high can also effect to the signal too.

It is about 8m maximum giving signal

It is about 8m maximum giving signal

Mechanic guide want to give you a question.

The question is how does it work?

Some people can easily confuse that the air-con can be control by the many type of remote control. Honestly it work, but it may not work properly. The concept of other brand remote controller may be a bit different from each other. A problem may occur or the air-con may not work properly. Be notice that one kind of air-con should only use it own remote controller.

Extra lesson : Make sure not to put wireless remote controller near by TV or radio.  The effective of the picture or sound may occur.

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Mechanical Study Guides About How The in Air-Conditioner Work

Air Conditioner window type. The one which cover full option.

Air Conditioner window type. The one which cover full option

To introducing the mechanical study guides of how the air conditioner work. First on all we have a question, have you ever wonder why the air conditioner can produce the cooling temperature. If you not yet sure about it. Today we going to provide all of you a mechanical study guide of the air conditioner.

There are four mains components in an air conditioner.

  1. Compressor
  2. Cooling Coils (Evaporator)
  3. Expansion Valve
  4. Condenser Coils

Each of it has its own necessary. But the most important one is Compressor. Compressor is the main component which run the cycling operation of the refrigerant in the hold system. Cooling Coils or Evaporator is used for evaporate the refrigerant and produce the air cool temperature. Expansion valve is used for controlling pressure of refrigerant. Condenser is used for condense the refrigerant and it provide the hot air.

Let see in the photos below.












As we can see the evaporator unit and condenser unit are look similarly the same. But it is use in completely different way.

In overall, after getting some mechanical study guides. We knew that there are four type components in air conditioner. Each of it have its own ability and necessary. That is how MechanicGuide said behind your comfort there are some technical we provide. If you want more lesson with mechanical study guides, please follow our page for the next post.

The Typical Mechanical Drain Pipe Air-conditioner

behind the cooling temperature you got. There are some technical we provide.

behind the cooling temperature you got. There are some technical we provide.

The typical mechanical of the drain pipe from air-conditioner is one of a simple mechanic accessories. Today we hardly be happy to guide all of you about how to get a good condition of a drain pipe.

First of all let see some the bad point that we recommend all of you for not to install like that and also one of a good position that will provide a good mechanical system run in a good condition. Let see in figure 1.1

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.1


As we can see the first one is the best position. Do not try to follow other if that so the leak of water will occur.

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.2

As seen in figure 1.2 there are the wrong installation of the drain piping. We hardly recommend for not to install like this.

One other important method is the slope of the drain pipe.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 show about the slope of the drain pipe. Most importantly is the down slope. It must be 1/100 at least. If there are not the leakage of the water will occur.

After reading this document we hope that all of the reader will get some more information about some mechanic technical in air conditioner system. We hope you enjoyed our page and be kindly to visit us as usual. Mechanicguide will provide you for more mechanical technical and we will describe for an easy point to all kind of people can easy to learn.


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